Lovely Beads, Finished


Curvy rosewood beads, all shined up and ready to be glued/screwed/clamped into place.

Challenging Challenges


Sometimes holding the thing you're working on is a bigger challenge than the work you're trying to do.

Handplane, In A Vise


I bent laminated the curvy bead stock a few posts back, and now it is time to clean them up, mill to size and shape the beads. With this small stock, it's easier to bring the stock to the hand plane (secured in a vise) than the other way around.

A Thicker Top


I was able to get a heavy 3/4" thick top out of the light 4/4 rough stock, which is a little thin for the top of the chest of drawers. I knew this would be the case and saved all the offcuts so I could match and glue some of the offcuts back to the top to give the appearance of a thicker top. Here I'm gluing on a piece to one of the ends.

Working Wide Stock


At a little under 22" wide, the top of the chest of drawers is wider than my planer can handle. So after working the two boards individually with jointer & planer and then gluing them up, it's all hand work.