More on Cable Railings

Here is some more of the railing system for these entry steps. The treads, risers and top railing are ipe, with stainless posts and cable.

Scarf Joint

Here is the completed railing with scarf joint centered above the post. The scarf came out pretty sweet.

A Board Shrinker

You've heard of a board stretcher, right? Well this is a come-along-powered board shrinker. Just kidding. I'm using a come-along to pull two Ipe boards together, joined with a scarf joint. I need a 13' railing and didn't have any stock longer than 10', so I made one long piece out of two.

The Joys Of Home Ownership

It's not furniture, and it's not a lot of fun, but the box gutters on our house require maintenance. So I'm taking advantage of the great weather we're having to spend some time on the roof. Coat # 6 of an elastomeric coating should do it for a few years.

En Pointe

Last picture of En Pointe. Available to view at Harlan Gallery in Greenburg, PA, beginning today at 5:30 pm.