Working The Curve


Working the curve on these aprons for the chest of drawers. Another benefit to putting so much time into the patterns for these aprons is that they'll get used to make forms for the beads, which will either be bent laminated or steamed/boiled.

A Different Perspective


I had been hitting dead ends trying to get the shape of this apron just right. Until today. All it took was one small curved transition (courtesy of Jen) to make it all come together. Funny how that works. On to more templates, but at least the path is clear

Getting The Legs Right


Drawing, then template, then prototype. Repeat until desired outcome is achieved. For me, it usually takes a lot of effort to get the details right; lots of drawing and trial & error. The legs of this chest of drawers are no different.

Fresh Knives!


Time for some jointer love. The planer is next. And this time I'm going to send out the used knives immediately so I don't run dull knives for so long...will definitely send them out Monday. Or Tuesday.