Mind the Gap


Minding the gap on a top drawer front. This gap is pretty big in this photo because a rosewood bead was later applied to the top edge of the drawer. A bead was also applied to the bottom edge of the drawer front, but it was glued into a rabbet, so no need to adjust the bottom edge for fit.



Knife change day on both the Powermatic 180 and Oliver 166. I made the mistake of running some material for someone recently. Said material was not kind to my knives.

An Occassional Table


Serotina is made of black cherry and rosewood, with curly, quartersawn maple drawer sides and backs.



This little side table is finished and photographed. I call it Serotina.

Wedged Drawer Pulls


Three little drawers with three little pulls. The pulls are installed, wedged from the inside, and this side table is almost finished.