Tiny Drawer Pulls


I turned some teeny pulls for some small drawers I'm working on.  I usually wait until the very end to make drawer pulls, but for some reason decided to make these before the drawers.  I don't know why.



Another image of this walnut chest of drawers. I call it Iris.

Happy Clients


This walnut chest of drawers was delivered to a very happy client yesterday. Stay tuned for more images...

The Last Step


Photo day today. Just when I thought the work was over... Tune in later in the week for a full complement of finished images of this chest of drawers.



I'm working on fitting the drawers, which involves planing the sides until the drawer boxes fit the openings. It's a lot of work, especially with 10 drawers, but the upside is that as the glue residue is removed from the dovetails, I really get to see how I did with the dovetails.