Drawer Pulls


It is time to think about pulls for these drawers. I keep a few small boxes around that contain pulls in various states of completion. I think I have two bubinga pulls that will work splendidly.

A Nice Fit


The dry fit shows promise. It is always nice to get to this point and have really nice results after all of the effort it took to get here. 

Sweet, Sweet Maple


Compared to the bubinga drawer fronts, this maple drawer side is wonderful to work.

Bubinga, My Lovely Nemesis


Yesterday I developed a strong dislike for bubinga. I spent 85% of the day grinding or sharpening, the other 15% actually using the chisels. And by "using", I mean instant and total trashing of cutting edges. It was not a fun day, but the results are nice and crisp. Today I'm cutting the drawer sides, which are heavenly maple.

Tunnel of Clamps


Here I'm attaching a stile to the side of the case piece I'm working on. Lots of clamps and mdf cauls to distribute the clamping force.