Working Small Parts


The bead stock for the drawer fronts is hand planed to thickness and here I'm getting ready to shape the bead. I'll do the bulk of the shaping with a block plane and the finish with a scratch stock. Once again, holding the work is almost a greater challenge than the work that has to be done. 

Hand Work


I'm working some rosewood today. This is bead stock for the front drawers, which will just be flat beads, no fancy curves. Since rosewood is kind of a precious material, I end up doing a lot of hand work to minimize waste. Often, I'm working small parts, so it's safer this way too. The smell is fantastic.

Drawer Parts


I'm starting to populate the case of the chest of drawers with drawer parts. At this point, I'm swimming in drawer parts in various stages of completion and plane shavings.

Forging Ahead in 2018


Rosewood beads are installed and looking flashy. They accentuate the curvy shape of the bottom aprons nicely. On to installing the top and then it is drawer time, ten of them. 

Lovely Beads, Finished


Curvy rosewood beads, all shined up and ready to be glued/screwed/clamped into place.