The Studio

My studio is in a renovated carriage house adjacent to my home. My wife and I purchased the property in 2011, after moving to Pittsburgh from New Hampshire.

The story of the building that is now my studio remains largely unknown to me.  The only traces of its history were gleaned during renovation - the fact that the carriage house originally had a second floor and that the timbers used to frame the structure had been reused from some prior building.

The chapter that I'm now contributing to includes a total renovation: gutted down to the framing, reframing 3 of 4 exterior walls for new windows and a door (a very nice door), insulation, interior finish, and exterior trim/cladding.

It is now a wonderful space to work in.  Well-lit with lots of natural light.  Warm in the winter, cool in the summer and scented by freshly planed cherry, Douglas-Fir and walnut.  

What more could a furniture maker ask for?