The Makings of a Door

white cedar door parts.JPG

While I work on the finish for the maple, ebonized cherry and aluminum side table, I'm building a door. Here are the 3 rails, which are drilled and slotted to allow for expansion and contraction of the 5 boards that make up the exterior of the door. This is a barn-ish style door (hinged, not sliding), but with a little different method of construction. You'll see.

It's Coming Together

decorative aluminum bead.JPG

Here's a sneak peek at the aluminum beads on the bottom edge of the apron. I'm just fine tuning the fit before final sanding and spraying lacquer on the aluminum. Oh yeah, the cherry table base is now jet black.

Last Bit of Veneering

details matter in fine work.JPG

The inside face of the apron will never be seen, but I decided to veneer the inside face anyway. The brick laid white cedar wasn't the most attractive, especially since the visible edges were plain sawn (the quartersawn faces were laid up horizontally). So here's the last bit of veneering before dyeing, finishing, finished.

Aluminum Beads

detail of aluminum bead.JPG

Here is all of the bead stock, just before routing the inside and outside radii. All 9 pieces have been mitered and fit. The pieces are screwed to an MDF template and the radii will be routed based one the common reference of the center point. All of this round work is a reminder of working with references, something I'm a proponent of.