Striking Joinery


I'm still not yet ready to reveal the assembled case of the chest of drawers, but here's a view of the top of the case, where the rear blade joins to the leg and top side rail. The walnut and beech make a nice pairing.

Cordless Drill/Driver


Many thanks to Sid Morris, a colleague of Jen's (former, I guess, since he just retired and is headed south). Sid gifted me this really sweet Millers Falls 733 brace. 

Sweet Curves


Here's that curvy bead stock, after freeing it from the two-part form. Pretty sweet shape, I think.

Rosewood on a Curve


I'm bent laminating bead stock for the bottoms of the aprons. I'm using 6 lams of purchased rosewood veneer, about .020" thick each, which bends like a dream. 



The last internal parts for the case of the chest of drawers. Lots of holes, slotted holes, slip tenons, sliding dovetails, mortises. A potpourri, if you will.