Drawer assembly has begun on the chest of drawers. So far so good.

Wonderful White Cedar


The drawer bottoms are over 20" wide so I flattened them by hand after glue up and cleaned them up with a smoother. The white cedar is a pleasure to work. And amazingly beautiful.

Hidden Gems


I'm resawing some white cedar for drawer bottoms today. Absolutely gorgeous material. Too bad drawer bottoms are rarely seen.

A Milestone


The dovetails for all 10 drawers are finished, and all the sides and fronts are nestled in their homes. It feels good to have the huge task of hand cutting dovetails behind me, and looking forward to finishing this piece in the near future.

Stick To The Process


A successful test fit of beech drawer side to walnut front. Cutting dovetails is all about the process. From stock prep, to layout, to fine fiddling and everything in between.