The Joinery Never Ends


Double tenons on these blades (the horizontal dividers between drawers) for the chest of drawers. These have a bit more complexity in that the blades wrap around the legs of the chest of drawers to pick up drawer runners. Fun stuff

All About That Base


Base detail of the bookcase featured in issue 264 of Fine Woodworking magazine.

Drawer on Drawer


These are from the bookcase I built for an article in the current issue of @finewoodworkingmagazine. Hurry out to your nearest magazine retailer to get a copy. Or come on over to my studio to see the piece for yourself (by appointment, please).

Let There Be Light


It's easy to be fooled into thinking two edges are square to each other, even when using a square to verify. So when you're trying to work to a really high level of precision, sighting down the edge with a light source in the background will reveal any out of squareness.

Also, I thought this was an interesting composition.